Minecraft Seeds (Java Minecraft 1.12.2 version)

I have to admit, there’s some pretty cool Minecraft seeds out there. Here’s the one I just ran into. I’ll post more information on it soon.

Village and Temple

Java Minecraft 1.12.2
Seed: 2773451647744737359
Java 8

Cliffside Village
Spawn point is by this wonderful cliffside village.
Dessert Temple
Spawn point is also by this dessert temple.
Caves and Creatures
Lot’s of creatures are available by the spawn point. There’s donkeys, sheep, cattle, and rabbits.
Lava Cave
Don’t fall in the lava cave by your spawn point.
Lotsa Caves
You can’t run in a straight line without finding a cave when you use this seed.



Floating Islands and Lavafalls

Java Minecraft 1.12.2
Seed: -5643160417678160709
Java 8

This see starts you on Wolf Island (my name for it). A short distance away by boat are plenty of sheep, llamas, mountains, and dark oak forests. My favorite part of the seed are the views of lavafalls and waterfalls. Also a few beautiful islands in sky.

Floating Island in the Sky
Nice minecraft seed for island spawn point.
Lavafalls and Waterfalls
Minecraft seed for lavafalls and waterfalls.
Arches and Lavafalls
Beautiful views in this seed.

Making Online Games

I’m making completely HTML 5 based games for online play. Here’s my current list.


Ski, Penguin! Ski!

I was experimenting with Construct 3’s tile mapping for platformers, and ended up creating a skiing penguin. Go figure. I made this one compatible with mobile devices, phones, and old fashioned computers. I haven’t added any sound, but may revisit it later and add the “Penguin Death Squawk”.

Humpty Pong

Humpty Pong

I got bored this weekend so whipped up a simple game using Construct 3‘s free version. I called it Humpty Pong, because it has Humpty Dumpty and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, and even features a wall. The graphics is from a massive web clipart collection I bought back in the 1990’s. Yeah, … old.

Use the arrow keys to move the men/horses back and forth. With each point added to your score, Humpty moves just a little faster. Humpty is also designed to change directions randomly, … sometimes without even hitting a wall. When the game ends, wait a few seconds and press any key to get a new game running.

System Requirements: Chrome 57 or equivalent.

Clojure Alpha-Beta Pruning

Any board game AI for two-player games of perfect information requires at least a simple Alpha-Beta Pruning implementation. Since, my next game is a bird chess (tori shogi) game, I’ve implemented Alpha-Beta Pruning in Clojure and ClojureScript. It was painful, but someone had to do it.

I like giving back to the community, so I’ve released the Clojure/ClojureScript code for Alpha-Beta Pruning as a generic library that anyone can use over on GitHub.

Game Creation with Construct 3

Construct 3 is a game creation tool for making online games. Scirra has announced the Construct 3 beta will start in April 2017. This is exciting new for anyone that makes online games.

Construct 3 will depart from Construct 2 in that it will practice what it preaches when it comes to online games. Construct 3 will not only create online HTML5 style games, it will be an online HTML5 web application.

If it worries you that Construct 3 will not allow game development when you are offline or out-of-range of a network. Never fear, Construct 3 will take advantage of Chrome’s ability to allow you to use web apps even when you are not connected to the internet. So, you can keep your resources in the cloud, or keep them locally. You can also create your games while on the internet, or when you’re nowhere near an internet connection.

Construct 3 will import Construct 2 applications seamlessly. So, you don’t have to start over with new projects for games you are currently developing with Construct 2.

Construct 3 will have a free version and a subscription version. The subscription version will cost $99/year. That works out to just over $8 per month. Not a bad deal for professional game developers. Those creating games as a hobby instead of professionally may find this a bit of a sticker shock. Luckily for game-creation hobbyists, Construct 2 doesn’t have a scheduled end-of-life date, yet.

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Constructing Online Games

Creating games for the web has never been easier. There are countless options. You can make games in HTML5 using CSS, JavaScript and the ever-popular Canvas element. Or, you can use any number of game engines designed to create Internet-based games.

My current favorite tool for creation of online games is Construct 2. There are many game engines out there, but Construct 2 is my favorite because of the low cost, and the fact that Scirra (the maker of Construct 2) does not charge a royalty for games you sell or distribute using their engine. Many popular game engines want a chunk of your earnings if you create the next big internet gaming sensation. Scirra is happy to sell you a hobbyist or professional license. That is why you will see Construct 2 favored on this site.

Just because Construct 2 is favored, don’t expect TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, and Node.js to be ignored. Making more advanced games, even with Construct 2, requires some basics knowledge of web programming. We’ll cover other types of web programming with an emphasis on game creation and tutorials that create simple games.

Now, let’s get your first game made with a brief Construct 2 game creation tutorial.

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